cm118Our guest on this week's podcast is Jim Merhaut, a marriage and family expert, award winning author and national speaker.  Jim is currently the President of Villa Maria Education and Spirituality Center. Jim's books include Your Catholic Family: Simple Ways to Share the Faith at Home and Godparenting for Life.


In this Deacon Moment, Tom shares an incident that happened just this weekend when a Eucharistic Minister didn't give a blessing to two young people coming forward at Communion time. What do you think about this?

Why does a picture need a frame? Is a giraffe still a giraffe if you draw it with a short neck? This week we contemplate frames on Chesterton Moments with Nancy Brown.

In this week’s Mary Moment, Sarah Reinhard shares a reflection on Mary written by her parish priest.

Today's song:  Let's Work Together by Gerard Faucheux

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