Inspired Classics is Trish Foti-Genco’s fifth CD offering. As I prepared to listen to the "classics", all familiar titles, I did not know what was in store. Although, I’ve heard of Trisha through the Catholic music networks, I hadn’t actually heard any of her music. I was very impressed with every track of this beautiful work. Trish’s powerful, classically trained voice and depth of emotion brought each song to life.

And not to be understated are the professional musicians (Dreux Montegut – piano, Anne Chabreck – flute and Vince Woolf – trumpet) she surrounds her
beautiful vocals with, that add their own special dimension to these songs, thereby enhancing them even further.

This is a mixed collection of traditional Latin classics such as "Laudate Dominum" by Mozart and "Panis Angelicus" by Franck along with new contemporary favorites like "How Beautiful" by Twila Paris, "Wherever You Go" by David Haas and a particular favorite of mine, "How Great Thou Art" by Hine.

Trish spent her life growing up in New Orleans, Louisiana with a supportive, faith filled family and extended family who nurtured her growth in her gifts and her faith so that when she suffered a stroke in her 20’s it did not deter her from God’s call for her. She has made her name known throughout the south as well as across the country. She was featured on EWTN in October, 2008 and shared her musical gifts at the UCMVA (United Catholic Music and Video Association) Unity Awards ceremony.

"This wasn’t the plan I had for my life," she said. "It was important for me to teach music at a Catholic school and be a mom. The part where things
(a music career and raising a family) work so well together is his (God’s) design. This is his plan."

When asked why she chose the Catholic music genre to share her undeniable talent, she states, "To me there was no other way. Everything I have learned prepared me for this. Catholic music is just who I am. It’s my calling…it’s what I’ve done all my life."

This is a great CD with so much to offer. I am anxious to hear her previous recordings, Inspired, In the Stillness, After the Rain and In His Presence (the Gift of Christmas) to see what other graces can be found there.

You can purchase Inspired Classics as well as all of Trish’s CDs at
Reviewed by Sally Bolderson