5thousandCongrats to my friend and awesome Catholic musician Bryan Murdaugh sharing the good news about his ministry group 5thousand.  It seems that the guys, Bryan and Mike, will be making a big splash at the upcoming NCYC.  I'm still trying to figure out how to get someone to sponsor my attendance at this mega event for Catholic youth  (LOL - big sponsors, I promise to wear your patches and stickers all over my body if you'll just pay for me to go!).  Anyway, just in case you're lucky enough to be going, be sure to check out 5thousand and tell Bryan I said hello!

Kansas City, MO, — The event ministry group 5thousand will be saying "hello" to teenagers from around the country at the Kansas City Convention Center on November 19th, 2009. As the exhibit hall - known to participants as the "Reign Forest" - opens, Mike Sylvester and Bryan Murdaugh (the co-founders and principals of the ministry) will be greeting and challenging young people to live their faith, just as they do in the events that they put on for Dioceses and Parishes in their travels. Sylvester, a seasoned youth minister and vibrant speaker, said "the conference is really the first chance we've had to introduce ourselves on the National level, and it's really exciting." Though the duo has been running retreats, rallies, prayer services, and other ministry work as 5thousand for about a year, they hope that exhibiting at the National Catholic Youth Conference will enable them to share the Gospel with young people in an increasing number of parishes, schools, and at large diocesan events.

5thousand focuses on being an all-inclusive event ministry. They specialize in covering the planning from start to finish, helping coordinate themes and then running the entire event. Murdaugh, a Catholic worship leader, recording artist, speaker, and parish youth minister says "we really are soup-to-nuts. When we arrive for an event we want the local team to relax and know that everything will be taken care of. You bring the teens, we bring the rest."

To find out more information about 5thousand's offerings and events, visit their website at www.5thousand.com.