Maureen Locher photoYoung moms are like blank pages. How will they fill their children’s lives? How will they write upon those pages to make lasting impressions?

Once a baby is welcomed into her new home, the mom’s list of "to do’s" becomes endless; a mom never really catches up. From that point on the mom begins spinning her wheels, but I am quite impressed with these new spinning moms. I know several young moms, nieces and friends alike, who mold little lives each day unconcerned for their own needs – living for the other.

My dad has a favorite expression – "Youth is wasted on the young." Perhaps he’s correct to some extent, but what if experienced moms were able to capture the desirable aspects of youth, and harness its power for the good? The world would be a happier place. With age comes wisdom. Harness wisdom with energy and that’s a powerful combo.

Certainly, gallons of ink grace the pages of my book of life. My pages have big blotches of spilled ink, erasures and cross-outs as well as neat, orderly lines. I suspect all moms’ books look alike. We try our best and we grow both as moms and as women.

So, here’s to you, Universal Mom! Raise that coffee cup or borrow that sippy cup. A toast to all the good you do every single day – for all the times you’ve shoved aside your needs for your children’s needs.

Questioning minds may ask, "What would Jesus do?" I say, find a good mom, and chances are, she’s doing it.

Copyright 2009 Maureen Locher