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Thanks to Mary for sharing the following information about St. Anne's Helper, which looks to be a good resource for helping share the faith with our families.

St. Anne's Helper Audio Catechism (CDs or Downloads) use the Baltimore Catechism preparation for First Communion or Confirmation. The text of the audiobook is on the same enhanced CD or Download so there's no need to buy an extra booklet and it is reproducible so you can have it upstairs and downstairs if you need for as many children as you have! They serve to help adults and children review or memorize the basic Catholic beliefs and are great for Catholic Religious Education, RCIA, and Catholic Homeschool! They are a great tutorial help memorizing the Catholic Ten Commandments, Apostles' Creed, Mysteries of the Rosary and any of the catechism answers. Each Q&A is on its own track with the same number for easy navigation!

St. Anne's Helper Catechism Copybooks are available as Downloads and carry the exact same text as the CDs. The First Communion Catechism Copybook is available in beautiful Manuscript with ruled lines for copywork. The Catholic Confirmation Catechism Copybook is available in either beautiful Manuscript or Cursive. Your choice. They can be spiral bound or 3-hole punched to keep in a binder or simply left single to serve as penmanship practice sheets or religious education worksheets. Either way your student has good Catholic material from which to work!

See these CDs, Downloads, and Cathlic coloring pages at SaintAnnesHelper.com and see more Catholic Catechism Ideas on our Catholic Catechism Blog at: https://www.saintanneshelper.com/catholic-catechism-blog.html . Thank you!