faye_coverI just finished a terrific novel and simply had to pause and share my review with you.  The book in question is Through the Open Window by Catholic author Anne Faye. Here's what I shared on Amazon:

If you're looking for a great read that will uplift, edify and inspire you, look no further than Through the Open Window by Anne Faye.

The book's heroine, Lucy, is looking to lead a simple, contented life employed as a children's librarian in a new town where she doesn't know a soul. Beyond her better judgment, Lucy decides to sign up for "NaNoWrMo" - a real world phenomenon called National Novel Writing Month. Committing to the task of writing 50,000 words of fiction during the month of November connects Lucy with Mike, an eclectic (and gorgeous) Art professor who leads the local NaNoWriMo group at Lucy's library.

As the words of Lucy's novel begin to pile up towards her goal, we watch her personal story begin to unfold. We learn about the heartbreak and tragedy that caused her to begin a new life. We watch as her growing friendship with Mike has to withstand a few tests and challenges. We see Lucy take timid steps toward a faith life she has dismissed in anger. When a very sad dilemma develops in Lucy's family, we watch as she must walk away from the life she is just rebuilding.

Ultimately, Lucy's novel and her own life come to a satisfying conclusion that will have the reader wiping away a few tears and looking for a sequel to this very engaging story.   Author Anne Faye definitely has a way with words and creates characters you will quickly grow to know and love. Hope for more soon from this talented writer!

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