faithworks-awakeThe music for this EP was composed based on poems by 81-year-old Stanley Jamieson, who lives in the UK, and who has been writing spiritual poetry for many years. Paul Griffin encouraged him to set some of his poetry to music. Paul then took the music and created the instrumentation for the project.

Singing the lead vocals is Dew, a young lady originally from Tinidad, who now resides in the UK. She sings annually at the New Dawn Conference, a UK Catholic Festival, as well as other functions.

The songs reflect a variety of themes - "Awake Awake" is a praise song in honor of God, praising His Holy Name. The song "From Far And Wide" was composed for our Blessed Mother, Mary. There are two verions--the original and an acoustic version. The song "Temple" is a Eucharistic song, encouraging people to "Come into My Temple". "Come Into My World" speaks of our desire for God to come into our lives. "Angel" is a beautiful instrumental piece, with a guitar solo by Paul Griffin.

This 6-song EP is very well-crafted, and Dew's ethereal voice makes this a beautiful tribute to God.

Track Listing:

1. Awake Awake
2. From Far & Wide
3. Come Into My World
4. Temple
5. Angel
6. From Far & Wide (Acoustic version)

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Featuring DEW, Lyrics by Stanley Jamieson
Music by Paul Griffin
Produced by Vision UK 2009 -

Reviewed by Jim Logue, Jr.