Our CD review this week is David Patrick Bryan's latest CD entitled HOPE. David hails from Englewood, FL and draws on a wide variety of musical experience and background, having played local venues all the way to Las Vegas. In 1991, David was blessed by a life-changing event and decided to show his appreciation to God and dedicated his music to the Lord. Davids 4th album is entiteled HOPE and it is aptly named as that theme flows throughout the album and is evident on numerous tracks throughout.

David is a truly international artist and has performed all over the world. One of the most interesting aspects of this album for me is the wide variety of styles portrayed throughout. Most albums Ive reviewed on the show tend to lean towards a single genre Celtic, folk, or rock pop but Davids album is the first where I hear a lot of elements of Latin music in addition to jazz, pop, and Celtic. Lyrically, this album has a straightforward message and his call to action is very evident. The album leaves you with no question as what were called to do as Christians.

Overall the album is upbeat. There are some slower tracks on the album such as Its love and The promise. There's a lot of orchestration on the album soaring strings, horns, chimes, and more and my only criticism of the album is that sometimes its a little too much orchestration I think I would have liked to have heard at least a couple of tracks that were more acoustic and stripped down.

Overall, its a very uplifting album with a message we all need today and I commend David Patrick Bryan on his fourth album. If you are interested in checking out David's music go to DavidPatrickBryan.com.

Reviewed by Rob Ayoub