Kevin Heider's third official album is called "The Salzburg Revolution". Kevin got the idea for the album and the title track from an incident in Salzburg, Austria. He and a few others were performing in the streets, and at one point, people began to gather and clog the streets. Not having the required permit to perform, he and his band were told by the police to stop.

Having appeared in radio jingles, film documentaries, theatrical productions, and television shows and commericals, Kevin has employed his musical abilities for a wide variety of artistic mediums. Shortly before moving to northern Virginia in August of 2008, Kevin was personally selected by Ingrid Michaelson as the winner of Gibson's "The Way I Am Contest" on He also had the privilege of performing an original song ("Hope for Our Children") at the Embassy of the Republic of Guyana in March of 2009. Most recently, Kevin went on a musical mission trip of sorts in New Zealand, where he spoke and performed his original music for multitudes of all ages.

Intro: Book Mountain (instrumental)
"Sha La La (The Peace and Harmony Song)" is a song he wrote about a song everyone can sing about peace and harmony without offense.

"Brothers" is a song asking why one brother would want another brother to die. Why are some people so filled with rage and anger they want to kill another person?

"Eyes Wide Open" is a song about asking God to open our eyes, because we cannot see to follow God when we are blinded. We depend on Jesus' sacrifice on the cross, his spilling of his Precious Blood, to open our eyes."

"Chiara" is a song Kevin wrote about the relationship between St. Francis of Assisi and St. Clare. Kevin wrote the words inside the front cover of his bible in his hotel room during a visit to Assisi.

"In This 23rd Beautiful Year (Instrumental)"

"God in Austria" is a song about finding God during a journey through Austria. Everyone he looked, he found God.

"O Life", a ballad about how God is important in every aspect of our life. Things don't always go the way we want them to go, yet God is there waiting for us.

"O Maria", a song about how God loves us even when our own human loves fail. God loves us whether we feel it or not.

"Carry Me" is based on the story called "Footprints", that we need God to carry us during the hard times. When we feel alone, we need to remember we're not alone - God is with us and it is then that he carries us.

"Little Child, Don't Cry" speaks of our need to trust in God, to jump into His arms when we need love.

"Annie of the Sea" is a cute little song about "Annie of the Sea", a person who likes to walk along the seashore.

"The Salzburg Revolution" is the title track of the album. Kevin took the incident that happened while in Salzburg and embellished the story to create this song about a town that held a revolution to hear music.

Outro: Pachelbels Canon Medley (Instrumental)

Track Listing:

1. Intro: Book Mountain (instrumental)
2. Sha La La (The Peace and Harmony Song)
3. Brothers
4. Eyes Wide Open
5. Chiara
6. In This 23rd Beautiful Year (Instrumental)
7. God in Austria
8. O Life
9. O Maria
10. Carry Me
11. Little Child, Don't Cry
12. Annie of the Sea
13. The Salzburg Revolution
14. Outro: Pachelbels Canon Medley (Instrumental)
15. In This 23rd Beautiful Year (original version)
16. God in Austria - live acoustic version.

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