kimball_katieIt’s official.  I’m addicted to the Internet.  I realized that I have a problem when I felt shortness of breath and heart palpitations with my panic attack when the news came down this afternoon: My dear, dear husband was toiling to remove a (small) stump today and cut through our phone cable.  The Internet would be down until at least Monday. I take a Sabbath from blogging from after dinner Saturday to after dinner Sunday, but Sunday night is vital prep-for-the-week time.

I wanted to Tweet about it right away, but I couldn’t.  (*breathe, breathe*)  I couldn’t check my email either.  Couldn’t touch my to-do list.  And good thing I was making a meal for dinner for which I had the recipes on hard copy!  I started composing Tweets in my head immediately.

Yup.  It’s official.  I’ve suspected the addiction for a while, but today I felt the withdrawal.  At least admitting I have a problem is the first step toward recovery.

Here I sit, in a bar, using their Wi-fi, with the racket of a nondescript football game in the background.  Right over my head, actually.  I’m going to eat their French fries, too.  They’re cooked in peanut oil (I asked).  I think I would have ordered them anyway, but I was kind of hoping for beef tallow. Do you think I’m addressing my addiction appropriately?

I’m actually thankful for this opportunity.  It’s going to force me to prioritize (not a skill I possess, unfortunately, except on paper), and I’m looking at it as a blessing to get some good writing time.  I really should take an evening a week away from the Internet to write my posts.  I would get more done without Twitter yakking at me and the temptation to peek at email, giveaway posts, comments, ETC.

From what do you need to take a Sabbath?  Perhaps Advent is the time to give Jesus that Birthday Gift.

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