deskOne of my personal resolutions for this year is to be better about blogging here on  With my regular contributions to Faith & Family Live and Today's Catholic Woman, plus the writing of a book last year, my personal blog here got a bit neglected.  But the truth is, I LOVE blogging, sharing those little tidbits of things that fill a moms' days -- the ups and downs and in betweens -- where you can so tangibly feel grace and the hand of God in your life.

I don't blog because I think I have wisdom to share, or because I think readers particularly care what I have to say on a daily basis.  I blog to help record these little moments, to reflect on some of the things that happen in my family, or to ponder about what's going on in the world around me.  My family teases me quite often about my terrible memory - ask me a date of someone's birthday, where I went on my last vacation, or even what I had for dinner last night and I likely won't remember.  Perhaps that's because my mind is filled with so many ideas and words - I tend to live more and more in the moment with every passing year.  And since my moments are filled with so much joy on a regular basis, it's a pretty spectacular existence.

Part of what has spurred this renewal of interest in personal blogging is my move into my new office this past weekend.  I should really call it a "half move", since I have stuff stashed between three rooms at the moment.  I told myself I didn't want to just dump everything into the new office, but rather take my time and use this as an opportunity to see how much "stuff" I really need in here.  My new office -- Greg's old one -- has more natural light and a lovely window that looks out over our front yard.  I'm upstairs, where it's warm and bright and I can see the UPS guy pulling up with deliveries.  I expect to like it in here - to be more organized and productive.

The photo above, taken with my iPhone, gives you a bit of an idea of the basic setup.  I'll follow up with another as soon as I get some photos on the wall and it begins to look a bit more "lived in".

So that's the big news for today - boys back at school, house quiet (but still filled with Christmas cheer as I didn't have the heart to take my tree down yet), and a new office to enjoy and to organize.  What's happening in your life today?  What hopes do you have for this first week of the new year, and for the year that lies ahead of us?