mentor_momsMary Hasson, Executive Vice President of the wonderful Phases of Womanhood website recently contacted me regarding a special project she's working on.  Mary shared,

"I am writing a longer piece for Laywitness on "mentor moms,"  focusing on the idea that  moms who are beyond the baby years have time and wisdom to share with their younger counterparts. Many churches in evangelical circles have established programs that bring younger moms and older moms together in those kinds of relationships.  In the Catholic circles I know of, these relationships seem to establsh themselves more informally or organically.

I would love to hear from your readers on two points:  If they are younger moms:  Would they be interested in a mentoring relationship with an older mom and, if so, what qualities would they look for? I'd love to hear their stories of moms who filled that role or how they found a mentor.  For older moms:  Are they open to sharing their time and wisdom?  What do they feel they have to give? How would they begin such a relationship (suggesting it to a younger mom or wait to be asked)? Again, I'd love to hear stories of the mentors in their own lives or how they have become involved in mentoring younger moms (however informallly)."

Can you help Mary with what promises to be a great article for moms?  Email her directly at to share your thoughts on this important topic.