cm135Our guest on this week's episode, Catholic wife and mom Mary Moore, is the author of a new book entitled Rocking the Cradle Catholic.  Mary is a syndicated writer and speaker.  Her column "Wholly Family" has been encouraging Catholic families in the Diocese of Phoenix for five years.  Mary and her husband Mark live in Mesa, Arizona with their four children.  Be sure to enter for your chance to win a copy of Mary's wonderful book by visiting our Rocking the Cradle Catholic Giveaway.


Recent events in Haiti have many wondering what we can do? Can we take action so the world will never see large-scale tragedy and suffering again? Deacon Tom's reflection for today is called RIPPLES. In addition to prayer and perhaps a financial donation to Haiti relief, Tom's idea is a way to consider our part in building up the kingdom of God.

Avery shares ideas about making a difference in Haitian relief efforts as a teen and talks about the call to service that God gives us.   Visit Catholic Relief Services to share your support.

We have a new "amazing" member of our Catholic Moments team!  Meet Lisa Mladinich this week with the first of her "Amazing Minute" series.

Kids in the background and the promise of peace: it’s a tall order for a Mary Moment (and more than a little contradictory, we know), but it’s all Sarah Reinhard was able to pull together this week, inspired by the prayer card that also inspired her column this week at Catholic Exchange’s Today’s Catholic Woman.

Please consider joining us in support of the Giving Campaign.  Your donations will help us to continue in this important evangelization work.

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