cakeTonight, Greg and I had a "date night" to attend a "Sweethearts Dinner".  The event was fantastic, a good time with special friends.  The keynote was delivered by our incredible Fresno Mayor Ashley Swearengin and her husband Paul, who gave a funny, uplifting and inspirational talk.  They shared about their courtship, their marriage, and their commitment to one another and to the city of Fresno.  Calling each of us to be "heralds" for a city that is frequently maligned (and wrongly so, in my opinion), they truly made me proud to be a Fresnan, a Christian, and a wife and mom.

During the course of this great evening, we had the opportunity to hear Jackie Kelley sing her new song "Stronger".  I was able to find this video of Jackie online, and I'm so happy to share it with you.  There is something about the words to this song that truly captures what's in my heart these days.  God has blessed my life so abundantly, and I wake up every day wanting to do more for those around me as a sign of my love for Him.

Lord I want you to know that I am grateful in every way
that's why the longing in my heart keeps getting stronger every day
through every trial and experience
my love for you is serious
since you have shown me the way...

Stronger by Jackie Kelley

p.s. That dessert up there was up for auction - we weren't the winning bidders, but I walked away from this night feeling like a true winner for having had such a great date with my husband.

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