tassone-saintsAs Catholics, we are taught about the existence of Purgatory; however, we tend to forget about it or try to avoid talking or even thinking about Purgatory. This is something we cannot afford to do, for the sake of our own souls and for the souls that are there. But what is Purgatory? Why should we believe in it? What is the point of praying for the Holy Souls there, and what do we get out of it?

Best-selling author Susan Tassone, who is considered an expert on Purgatory, helps us in learning what Purgatory is and answers many of the questions we have in this new book. What Susan has provided us is a wonderful guide to help dispel some of the myths that people have and to give us some practical advice on how to pray for them. Susan drawn on the words of the Saints, who themselves have had much to say about Purgatory.

As an example, St. John Vianney said, "Oh! If all of us but knew how great is the power of the good souls in purgatory with the Heart of God, and if we knew all the graces we can obtain through their intercession, they would not be so much forgotten! We must pray much for them, so that they may pray much for us."

In this book, Susan gives us some wonderful stories of how the saints have prayed for the souls, and how the souls have responded to their prayers. Susan also gives us some practical ways to pray, including Novenas, prayers, and ideas for spiritual practices that we can do throughout the year.

You can learn more about Susan Tassone at her own website, SusanTassone.com.

The book, Praying With the Saints for the Holy Souls in Purgatory can be purchased through Our Sunday Visitor.

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