lhd_windowI enjoy cleaning windows with the strong scent of Windex in the air, the wiping of paper towels upon the cold glass and the clarity of the view after it is finished. There is just something to be said for wiping away and cleansing all the dirt from the windows. When I have finished the task and the sun shines through the clean window the entire room appears to be brighter than before.  If I never did another load of laundry or cleaned another toilet or scrubbed another bathtub I would be happy but I would miss cleaning my windows.  Windows are the view to the outside world to light and people, traffic and happenings. When opened they let in the breeze and refresh the air, when closed they keep us warm and safe from the outside elements all while giving us the ability to view everything outside.

We humans are like windows to each other. As parents we keep our children warm and safe from the outside elements of the world. As people of faith we allow the light of God to shine through us on to others in our lives. As friends we let the fresh air flow through our laughter, hugs, shoulders to lean on and love that we give so openly. As people who screw up daily, constantly getting the filth of the outside world on us we need the cleansing. We need to have our mistakes wiped away so that the light can shine through more brightly. We need to ask for forgiveness, we need to make amends for our wrongdoings; we need to then forgive ourselves and wipe the windows clean. When the windows are cleaned then they can function more fully to their full potential.

Lent is the perfect time of the year as Catholics to reflect on what we have done wrong throughout the year. Lent is a time of conversion. What habits in our lives bring the dirt that makes it so difficult to see the love of God more clearly? What parts of our lives can we change not just for 40 days but for a lifetime that will move us closer to God? This Lent we need to reflect on our sins and go to Reconciliation to be forgiven and absolved. Reconciliation is not just about confessing our sins but about moving closer to God. A sin is not just a bad thing we have done, it is any act that keeps us from God, any act that hides us and shames us from letting us accept God’s love fully. Yes, we need to confess to get out the filth but that is only the first half the second half is letting the light shine straight through our hearts so we can illuminate the love of God in us to others. So that others may recognize our close relationship with God and want to be a part of it. As people reconciled to God we are reaching for our full potential as Catholics and creations of God.

This lent ponder about the window and how you can clean it, open it and let the light of God shine straight through the glass that is your life, then you too can brighten the room and your life will shine brighter than any window ever could.

Copyright 2010 Lori Hadorn-Disselkamp