What's at the top of the steps? Copright Lori Hadorn-Disselkamp What's at the top of the steps? Copright Lori Hadorn-Disselkamp

I have said it many times before; my purpose is bring people closer to God in all that I do. I have also talked about my relationship with God to a certain extent. However, I don't believe I have explained what happens when you let God lead your life. When you turn it over to God and say, “This is yours God make me an instrument of your peace.”

The first thing that happens when you are actually able to fully give yourself over to God is you finally let go of that feeling that you are in control of every last thing in your life. You experience a freedom and the world no longer smashes you down. Next, you wait for a sign or a signal of what you are supposed to do with your life. You begin to discern: what do I like that is good for me and my relationship with God. What do I not want to do with my life, what is going to cause me to become distant from God? You pray about which way to go and then with more prayer, love and support from your loved ones you make a decision to do something different with your life. Then you pray like crazy for to feel reassured that you did indeed choose the correct path. One of the best parts of letting God lead your life is that you know you will be OK. God will not leave you no matter what horrible things happen. You know God so well, talk to him daily and feel his presence that you know he will get you through anything and everything. There will be times that you don't feel his presence, you can't see the signs and you doubt what you have done, but then something will happen and if you pray and focus on God you will feel him all over again.

What happens when you allow God to lead your life? Your life will never look the same again. It is the most freedom you will ever experience because you realize it is no longer about you it is about God, others and your love for all that God has created. It is a selfless life of love and goodness. It will be difficult at times; there are people who will judge you harshly and not understand your motives (not all rainbows and unicorns) but it is worth all of it because God will be leading your life to all that is good in the world and an eternity with him.

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