moms_saintsThis article from the Catholic News Agency entitled Vatican paper looks at faith connection between saints and their mothers caught my attention today. I would love to get my hands on the book profiled in the article, Mothers of Saints by Albina Henrion.

The article quotes Paul VI as having said, "We, they tell us, all live more or less from that which a woman has taught us in the sublime dimension. And boys feel it more than girls, because of nature... priest-sons even more strongly, because they are consecrated to solitude."

During this Year for Priests, I find myself as a mom of two sons continually praying for them in their future vocations.  Whatever life God calls them to, they will need constant prayerful support and encouragement.  Being a mom is a lifetime job, and this article underscores once again the crucial role we play in transmitting our love of the faith to our children.  God only knows how many of us are raising the future priests, lay leaders and saints of our Church!