st_patsA big thanks to friend and fellow podcaster Sean "The Duct Tape Guy" McGauhey for the following tip about a great upcoming St. Patrick's Day celebration.  Sean shares:

With a name like Sean McGaughey and being a musician, it is no surprise that I was asked to play a few tunes at my parish’s St. Patrick’s Day social next week.  As I was rehearsing my set of favorite traditional Irish songs, I had an idea.   (Hey where did we go? Days when the rains came.  Down in a holler…")   For fun, why not have a Catholic Musician’s Ceili  (ceidleigh?  coeli?) using both live streaming performances and spinning videos by Catholic musicians.  The music will not exactly be limited to celtic music because on St. Patrick’s Day, everybody is Irish.

From around 3-5 pm EST on March 17, head on over to . I’ll have a link there to my live stream.  I’m planning to play my St. Patrick’s day set live, and then put on my VJ hat, showing videos from some wonderful Cathoic artists.  There may also be live ustream performances by other Catholic musicians to be announced.  Join us live on March 17 at .  If you are a Catholic musician who would like to participate in the festivities by streaming a performance, or sending along some videos, drop me a line at