dyer_lorrieA few months ago I was talking with one of my close friends about sin.  

Someone near to her had been praying for something. Eventually she received what she was praying for.  However, what she perceived was the answer to her prayers, was achieved through sin.

I know it’s sometimes hard to believe that something that makes us feel good (at the time) could possibly be a sin. We can often justify a sin as a blessing or an answered prayer.  No matter how you slice it, a sin is a sin.

While discussing these ideas, my friend shared some sound advice, "God never leads you to sin".  Think about that for a moment. God never leads you to sin.  Jesus suffered and died on the cross so we could be free of our sins.

When we are caught up in what we want, when we want it, we convince ourselves it isn't a sin, but a blessing.  However, we know the truth deep within. All we need to do is to take a step back, think about what is right and wrong (see the Ten Commandments), trust in God and know that He will never lead us to sin.

Copyright 2010 Lorrie Lane Dyer