Exaudio is a Latin verb, it means "to hear plainly; to hear favorably, listen to".

eXaudio's mission statement reads as follows: "We are a Christian rock band whose love of music and talent given from God has inspired us to write and perform songs. Our mission is to have our music inspire all ages to grow in faith, hope and love for God. We present you with the unique opportunity to invite us to perform for your faith community, assisting all to strengthen their love of Jesus...…and have fun, too!"

This mission statement explains how eXaudio takes their music seriously, yet still has fun with it. This CD, Universal is their debut CD. The lyrics of the songs reflect the faith of the band's members who devote a lot of time to their craft.

This CD contains 8 songs that cover a variety of topics like vocations, dealing with materialism, the Holy Spirit, and Mother Teresa.

Here is the track listing:

You're the One
Which Way is Up
Even If
The Call
Mother Teresa
Fortune & Fame
Come Now, Holy Spirit
The Greatest Thing

Find out more at eXaudio's website at eXaudioMusic.com.

Copyright 2010 Jim Logue