dudich_judyWhy do Catholics believe in "the grace to bear things"? We believe this on the basis of "trust in the promises of Christ". We believe it because He promised it. I know at times this world is very dark and full of evil and that even within the life and soul of one who believes in the grace of Christ, sometimes it is so gut-wrenching difficult to live that it is impossible to see, feel, or experience that grace in any tangible way...but it IS there. It might not come in the way we've asked...but it WILL come.

Some people have endured and experienced such immense tragedies and grave suffering in life that it is FAR beyond anything that we alone would be able to bear. One might ask, why a person (if EVERY person is given "grace to bear all things") would reject GRACE and instead behave in ways that emulate a sadistic monster rather  than a loving Christian. The answer lies in the fact that our greatest gift from God (which sometimes seems to be more of a "cross" than a "blessing") is our free will. At some point in life, each of us has a choice: to walk WITH Christ or AGAINST Him.

Those who suffer mental illness...or bad things that happen to good people...these are mysteries and trials that have come upon the earth through sin...through the CHOICE of sin. God does not keep us from sinning but He does stand ready to forgive and heal those hurt by the sins of others.

At times, those who have suffered gravely at the hands of others may find themselves asking, "Why didn’t God protect me?"

Though it might now seem as though He did…HE TRULY DID…He protected each soul in that He sent His Son to die on the cross for the pain that was inflicted us; a Son who was completely innocent like every other victim of every heinous offense...a Son, who, by no fault of His own, was tortured and hung to die a criminal's death when He had committed no crime. THIS IS GOD'S PROTECTION of ALL who have been wrongfully injured in this life on earth. We can never fully understand His Ways but we believe that His ways are GOOD. They are PERFECT. They bring GRACE. And when we meet Him face to face, we will KNOW that He was there with each and every one of us...and with my friend who was harmed at the hands of her own father...and with my sweet little friend who died at the tender age of nine after the AGONIZING pain and battle with a disease he did not "deserve"… and with the parents who have done all they can to love, nurture, and raise decent people, only to have grown children turn their backs and walk away into a world of darkness and pain....and with babies, whose lives are ripped out from under them before they ever make it out of the womb...and with innocent children who see , hear, experience, and bear the pain of the horrors of other people's crimes and sins.

CHRIST IS those children. He IS those parents.  HE HAS SUFFERED WITH EACH OF US...and why didn't He protect us? HE DID protect us by SAVING US FROM IT ALL so that we can enter in to His Kingdom and spend ETERNITY in the perfect healing, renewing, rejoicing, and PEACEFULNESS of HIS LOVE, MERCY, FORGIVENESS, and JOY FOREVER MORE!!!

I pray that those who are lost, and those who are suffering, will come to find trust in His promise...belief in His love...and FAITH that HIS "GRACE TO BEAR ALL THINGS" is REAL.

Copyright 2010 Judy Dudich