TylerJohn Paul the Great Catholic University is opening it's doors online. High school students now have the opportunity to take online courses in classical education topics: philosophy, logic, and theology.

In the College Springboard program, juniors and seniors in high school can participate in entry-level JP Catholic courses on the internet to complement their current educational programs. The credits earned through taking these online courses will transfer into any of the university's undergraduate programs. This not only gives high school students the opportunity to start earning credits for college, but it allows them to learn the material from faithfully Catholic professors. Students living in southern California may even attend the classes with JP Catholic students, depending on classroom availability.

091212014The Springboard program currently consists of three courses: Logic, Classical Philosophy, and Scripture I. Logic, taught by Professor of Philosophy Father Andrew Younan, helps students learn about the basic structures of sound reasoning, focusing largely on Aristotelian logic. Father Younan also teaches Classical Philosophy, which covers the history of philosophy from Plato to Thomas Aquinas. Scripture I is taught by EWTN radio host Michael Barber, who is a professor at JP Catholic and a speaker for St. Joseph's Communications. The course leads students through the Gospels, showing how Jesus Christ is the fulfillment of God's plan for the salvation of mankind.

These three courses lay the foundation for the philosophy and theology taught at JP Catholic-the foundation necessary to fulfill the university's mission to impact culture for Christ. The Springboard program offers high school students all over the country the unique opportunity to get a head start on their college careers.

For more information:
Visit: College Springboard program
Call: Martin Harold - Director of Admissions - 858-653-6740

Guest column submitted by Colleen Monroe, John Paul the Great Catholic University