dyer_lorrieWith summer just around the corner I hear a lot of parents making statements of dread as summer vacation approaches.  I never really get this.  So when they make comments of dread to me, I just kinda smile. I haven’t found a nice way to say, "I love having my kid’s home."  And I really do.  I enjoy spending time with them, hearing about their lives and getting to know their friends.

To me, summer vacation is one of God’s greatest gifts.  Not because I am free to do as I please or just bum around the beach all day, no it is something more.  It’s having my children home.

Being a mother has to be the greatest gift God can bless one with.  While I know raising children has its ups and downs the ups outweigh the downs on any given day.   There is nothing more wonderful than holding your baby for the first time, watching them go off to school the first day, getting their first home run or going to their first dance.  Each step in their lives is a beautiful gift.

Every time I look into their eyes I see their entire lives flash before my eyes.  I see their first coos, their first mamas and their first steps.  I am full of love and joy whenever I think of my children.  Yes, one is grown and two are well on their way but it doesn’t matter how old they get, they are still my children.

While many parents are pulling their hair out by the end of the first week of summer, I am already dreading the first day of school.  Summer passes by way too quick for me.  The day school starts is a bitter sweet day for me.  Bitter because the house is so quiet and I miss my children, sweet because my children are growing up and taking another step towards their future.  I’ll be the first to admit no matter how old they are, I cry on their first day of school.  Now instead of crying as I see them off to school I wait until the house is empty and take a few minutes to mourn; all the while eagerly waiting their return to hear all about their day.

Summer vacation means long days spent with my children getting to know them better.  We share thoughts and ideas, great books and games.  We watch movies, go swimming and just relax.  Each moment I share with my children is one more moment I store away in the treasure box of my heart.  So welcome summer vacation…go slow this year!

Copyright 2010 Lorrie Lane Dyer