cassidy_janetAs often happens in life, we can be faced with trials (sometimes with suffering, sometimes without.) Whenever these events occur, it is easy to despair as we grow frustrated over the required perseverance that we so strongly feel too tired to embrace.

Maybe there’s a cancer diagnosis. Maybe there’s trauma with a child or spouse. Maybe we are just dealing with an unwelcome transition in life.

Standing in the midst of the unknown can be very scary. It is at these times that we must put every ounce of our faith in God and fully trust Him to walk with us. God knows us. He loves us. He doesn’t leave us to simply fend for ourselves.

Through prayer and constant petition, we call on, and count on, our God. Following in his footsteps, we can see that the "It isn’t fair!" cry is futile. Jesus went through his agony in the garden. He bore the weight of the cross on his journey, and finally, unjustly, he was martyred for each of us and accepted his death.

There are times when it feels like no one is listening to our petitions and that is when it is easiest to fall into despair and ask, Why am I bothering? But, faithfulness isn’t about how we feel, or consolations or answers we receive. Faithfulness is just that—having faith, regardless.

Faith brings us hope. It sustains us. It should help us grow closer to God. There are many Psalms that can help, as we reflect on God’s relationship with the people of the covenant. We reflect on how he was always present to them, just as he is with us today.

Whenever you are faced with doubt or the feeling that God has forsaken you, just ask yourself this question: Is this hopelessness, of God?

You will quickly realize that God would not offer that to you. And since it is not of God, then you must consider by whose design these doubts have risen in your heart. Surely you know the answer to that!

Anything that is not of God, our very Creator, can only be the act of the evil one trying to lure you away from God. Where temptation is

the greatest, resistance is most needed.

Have a great day saying Yes! Yes! Yes! to our Lord and never give up.

Copyright 2010 Janet Cassidy