Scripture: July 10, Lectionary # 388. Isaiah 6:1-8. Psalm 93:1.1-2.5.
Matthew 10:24-33.

Our reflection today covers all readings including the Psalm and its
response.  In Isaiah we hear of the prophet's call as he approaches the
holy of holies.  There is a sense of awe and reverence throughout the
passage that is quite different from fear.  Sometimes we take the "fear of
the Lord" as being terrorized or frozen in fear before God.  That is not
the case whenever we hear the word fear in the context of praise of God or
reverence before the awesome presence of the Lord.  We join in the
atmosphere that surrounds Isaiah as he receives his call. It is a sacred
and holy place where he is, namely, the Temple of the Lord in Zion
(Jerusalem).  We join with him almost every time we celebrate the Eucharist
when we say or sing "Holy, Holy, Holy" as we direct our attention to the
Presence of God as did Isaiah.  The celebrant also says a prayer quietly
before announcing the Gospel that is taken from this passage of Isaiah.  "
Cleanse my heart and my lips that I may worthily announce your Gospel." It
is based on Isaiah's disposition in approaching God's presence in the
Temple. Isaiah thus lives on as an active prophet of reverence, awe, and

Our Psalm is a praise hymn dedicated to God as King. Its structure is quite
simple. Verse 1 is the introduction stating that God reigns and is clothed
with majestic splendor.  Verses 2-4 are the body (content) of the psalm
describing how God is ruling over the turbulent chaotic and powerful
waters. Our last verse five is the conclusion stating that God's rule is
holy and trustworthy.

The Gospel of Matthew shows us Jesus as he continues to teach his disciples
(and we are disciples, too) that we are not to fear opposition and
persecution. " Do not let them intimidate you." And again, "Do not fear
those who deprive the body of life but cannot destroy the soul." and again,
"so do not be afraid of anything."
Jesus is telling us to trust Divine Providence and his words of
encouragement.  We are not to be afrain of anyone or anything no matter
what they say or try to do against us.  Like Mary the mother of Jesus we
are told "Fear not!" You have found favor before me." We need to believe in
these words of the Angel and Jesus and not be afraid.  Love casts out all of God does this for us.  Amen.