lhd_bellThe chime was much louder than expected when Anna rung the train bell in the Union Station Control Center. Everyone turned to see where the chimes were coming from and in that brief moment all motion stopped.

Rarely in our modern lives do we stop for any one chime or noise. There is so much noise that surrounds us daily it becomes background noise and nothing significant seems to stand out anymore. But what would happen if there was a bell, a loud yet luring chime that would call us all to center ourselves for a moment in time searching for that bell?

What if we all could give a moment to that bell and pause, not just one of us but all of us? Would we recognize each other better, we would be able catch our breath and regain a sense of living? Could we maybe reflect for just a moment on the mere fact that we are among people in our self centered lives? Would we see that we are not alone that we are part of a bigger world in which others are just like us and nothing like us but we are all together? Could that chiming bell do more than center us to reflect on ourselves but bring us together as a community?

Maybe in that moment when we see each other for the first time we will realize that we are more than just a bunch of bodies bumping passed each other daily, that we are all connected in this crazy journey we like to call life. Maybe in that moment we can think of someone else instead of just me and my family but the person standing next to me and his family. We all hold a common bond; we are all human searching for love, acceptance and companionship. We were not meant to live a solitary life but a life together with others.

We don’t need a bell to find the commonality among us, we need only to look around us and start to see each other instead of just ourselves. Today take the time to look at one another and feel that common bond, smile give love and accept it freely and you will feel the chimes of the bell calling us together simply and quietly.

Copyright 2010 Lori Hadorn-Disselkamp