That door it speaks to my heart somehow whispering "Do you know my plight, my abuse, my age or what is held within the security of my frame. Have you any idea the way they live inside this structure? Do you care or will you just drive away and forget what you have seen? Do you know? Do you care?"

Not knowing who lives there, not knowing the area or even the street name I pass on by and wonder what exists beyond that rod iron fence within that little house? My heart feels torn as though I should be privy to the private life of another. Honestly, no one has asked me for help, there is no screaming heard from the outside and my imagination maybe all that is at play but it gives me pause. I reflect on how many doors we pass daily and never think twice about. How quickly and swiftly our mind ignores the sites that do not apply to us directly.

Why is it that my soul aches when I look upon this image I have saved from my little camera? Maybe it is because I like so many others neglect so many in our own towns, we turn our backs and move so quickly forward as to never look back. We shake that feeling off like a bad chill and just pretend it did not happen at all. Maybe it is a call to wake up and take notice of our neighbors close or far away, maybe to recognize that we are all God’s family and should care for one another.  What can I do to help when I don’t even know that a problem exists?

We can pray! We can ask God to help those within all those doors we pass by daily. We can slow down and become more aware of all those homes and find out about the people within them. We can help the food banks in our towns, the clothes closets, the shelters for abused women and children. We can do our part to help our neighbors in our community. We can give more, pray more, pause more, reflect more and let our hearts be moved in the direction they feel called to move.

God guided me to take that picture to move my heart to create an action in this life. What has God guided you to today? Don’t walk away, don’t shake the feeling let it grab hold of your heart feel it, experience it and then answer it. God comes in ways we do not understand but we need to slow down and just let it be. What is your door this day that you cannot pass by?

Copyright 2010 Lori Hadorn-Disselkamp