I received an e-mail one morning from Lisa asking me to consider reviewing a book for CatholicMom.com. After reading the author Catherine Anne's description of Tara's Journal I was quite interested in considering the request, but was wondering how Lisa thought I would like a book that was about a satanic cult. I have never met Lisa in person. I have known her over the years by submitting lesson plans, games, worksheets, puzzles, gospel for the Mass, etc. at her site and I thought I came across as rather normal and certainly rational person. Still, Lisa saw right through me and knew I would be the right candidate for reviewing this book so I set about doing a thorough job and an honest review.

Tara is a young investigative reporter for Time Magazine who goes undercover in the world’s largest satanic cult. Months later she disappears and is never heard from again. No one knows where she went except her editor who later dies suddenly without leaving any information to her whereabouts. Friends and family have no idea where she is or what has become of her or if she is still alive.

The book contains journal excerpts explaining what has happened to Tara, her terrifying journey in a satanic cult and eventually her demise. It is also written from several other perspectives: Human, Angels, and Demons. Each contribute to the story in their own special way trying to manipulate, guard, or torment others to do what they want them to do or what they think others need.

I know what you are thinking, this book sounds like some wacko, fantasy world that no one in their right mind would want read about. Rest assured, it isn’t. It is exciting and quite different from anything you have ever read.

Remember, this book is for entertainment. It’s to help you unwind and forget about your troubles for the moment. It is fiction and its purpose is to absorb the reader into the story for utter enjoyment.

Still skeptical?

Tara's Journal will take you in a world of satanic cults, espionage, angels, and demons who like nothing more than to make you suffer or cause you pain. Each contributor to the story (Human, Angel, Demon) adds depth and ambiance to the story. They provide their point of view of what has happened and let you know exactly what they felt and how it affected them.

I had a preconceived notion that this book was comparable to Dan Brown’s Angels & Demons and The Da Vinci Code. Of course The Exorcist also comes to mind and The Omen, but in actuality it is nothing like these. Tara's Journal is a spiritual journey about how the lives of several people evolve and become intertwined in a world of the supernatural.

After reading this book you will appreciate not only how our Catholic faith guides us, but how important it is to each and every person. The author does not demean nor disgraces the Catholic Church in any way in the book. She enlightens us by making it clear that we are not alone and that there is more to life than meets the eye.

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Copyright 2010 Laura Grace