ParadoxFREE... It's what's for dinner.

So a recent google search for reviews of my latest solo turned up literally over a thousand links to websites where the album could be downloaded for free. now on one hand that's flattering and definitely allows my music to be heard by a much wider audience, which is, of course, one of the big reasons i make it in the first place. on the other hand, it's somewhat frustrating, primarily because the label I'm signed to, End of Earth Records, is an official non-profit organization, meaning that proceeds from all music sales go to benefit a number of different charities. this means that every time someone downloads my album illegally they are, in essence, stealing from a good cause. now many of you on this list may have purchased the album through some legal means, so thank you and i apologize if I'm coming across as preachy. however, i wanted to personally send out a link to where it can be directly downloaded as a thank you to those who don't have the album, but refrained from downloading it illegally, especially since it's so readily available. also, if you're someone who did download it illegally, i offer the link as an olive branch, thanking you for your interest and providing you a way to obtain it guilt-free. anyway, enough from my soapbox... for a digital version of my latest solo album, paradox - "Called To Mind," featuring sev statik, othello, propaganda, playdough, kaboose, and others, click here:

if you prefer to download or listen to streaming versions of individual tracks from the album, click here:

in return for the download, I just ask that you do one of two things: either forward this message on to a friend who you think might dig the album or click by the album's iTunes page to drop a little feedback:

peace be...

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