Many times our days are one hectic run after the other: getting the kids to school, running those last minute errands, helping with homework, cooking dinner, bed time routines. Before you know it, it’s 10:00pm and you’re exhausted.  There’s no doubt being a parent takes every last bit of energy from us. Most of the time we don’t realize it – or it doesn’t bother us, because we love our children and our family.

However, it will do us good to nurture our spiritual life as well. Recently I spent a weekend on retreat. Though I missed my family, I knew this is what I needed. It was a whole weekend of celebrating Mass, going to Confession, learning more about our faith, and participating in prayer sessions. A chapel was always down the hall, accessible at any hour of the night. It was a weekend for nurturing my relationship with God. I came back from the retreat feeling lighter than air. I felt all around giddy and happy.

Most of us might not have the opportunity to go to a retreat right away, but we can still do little things to foster our spiritual growth. In our busy day, we can sneak in a decade of the Rosary, offer thanks to God for a grace He just bestowed on us, or spend a half hour before bed reading the Bible or other spiritual books on the Catholic Faith. My nightstand is overflowing with books from the saints and other Catholic writers in addition to the Bible.

Often during the day if I hear someone take the Lord’s name in vain, I follow in my head with "Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner." Sometimes, if a chore comes up which I don’t "feel like" doing, I can take that opportunity to "do it for God."  All these little things help keep our relationship with God alive by involving Him in every aspect of our daily lives.

Perhaps the greatest and simplest way to make God part of our lives is to invite silence. When we are silent, God speaks to us. He’s that gentle knock on the door of your heart. He’s the soft whisper you hear in your soul.  When you hear him calling, answer the door and invite Him into your heart. With God as your nurturer, you are sure to grow.

Copyright 2010 Jennifer Gladen