A lot of people are so concerned these days about saving the environment. There is a huge trend amongst companies to "go green" or reduce the waste of our planet's energy and resources.
Organic products are showing up everywhere, from food to candles to clothing. Cars are becoming more environmentally friendly and people are installing solar panels in their homes. We are all being encouraged to switch to energy-efficient light bulbs, grow our own fruits and veggies, and reduce pollution by carpooling or riding our bike.
These are all wonderful ideas...this is the only planet we have, after all, and we should take care of it. Future generations deserve to have clean water, fresh air, and green grass. But there is something missing from all of this environmental talk - the effect that contraceptives are having on our planet.
When women use the birth control pill, the estrogen hormones are eliminated in their urine and then make their way into our water supply. This is causing many problems, including the feminization of male fish, the onset of early puberty, the increase in men having female characteristics. Please read more about it here.
Also, what happens to all of the used condoms being dumped into our landfills? I did a little research to find that:

Unfortunately, condoms made of polyurethane, a plastic material, do not break down at all.

Latex condoms are biodegradable, however, lubricant and/or spermicide coated on and/or added to latex and lambskin condoms may alter their decomposition potential. And, no one has studied how long it takes condoms — lubricated or not — to break down. Regardless of condom biodegradability, most landfills are over-capacity and do not provide the ideal environment nor the main ingredient, air, necessary for effective decomposition.

Another thing to think about is condom packaging. You can recycle the paperboard boxes that condoms come in with mixed paper, but individual condoms are usually wrapped in plastic or foil. You cannot recycle either of these materials, and neither will break down in a landfill.
On an ironic note, I know so many women who swear by organic foods. They would never want to expose themselves or their family to any pesticides in the produce. However, they see nothing wrong with pumping hormones and chemicals into their own bodies in order to prevent pregnancy.
And how about all those vegetarians out there who get so worked up over the treatment of animals that they couldn't bear to murder a chicken, but then have no issues when it comes to the killing of an innocent human life??
I think if you want to be truly organic, truly green, and 100% natural, there is only one solution: Natural Family Planning. NFP provides a way of life that doesn't alter God's natural intended uses for our bodies, doesn't require us to use chemicals or barriers to "protect" ourselves, and keeps our planet clean and healthy.
So save the planet, your marriage and your soul by going Natural (Family Planning, that is!)
Copyright 2010 Colleen Martin