Is he trying to get in or is he trying to get out?

Where are you going? Are you trying to get into something a group, a club, a career, a hobby or a sport? Or are you trying to get out of something headed towards retirement, leaving behind some things in life your body will no longer let you do, burned out and ready to get out of a deadbeat club?

There are two sides to every fence and when it is closed someone is kept in and someone is kept out. Is the purpose of the fence to protect what is within or to deny entrance from others? Where do you find fences in your life? What rod iron have you shaken lately to get into or to break free from recently?

Why is it that our lives have fences within them? Do we truly own anything so untouchable? Does the land and all the earth not belong to God? Yet, we in our humanity must set up fences to guard our "things" our "treasures" so that no one will take them away and have them as their own.  We lock the fences, hide our treasures and many times we lock out opportunities for growth. Once we have broken down a fence and enter inside we usually find that the other side looks similar to where we were before.

If only we could break down the rod iron of our minds and be open to all of God’s creations we could know more love than we have ever imagined. If we could swing open the gates and leave them open for all who need our treasure we would surely grow in the depth of our souls. For what has God given us on this earth that we should not share with others?

Today, try it break down the barriers share your love, your kindness, your words, your life experiences with others. Open your heart, your mind and your soul to those on the other side of your fence. God did not build fences He only created open spaces full of vast opportunities for growth and love to flourish.

Copyright 2010 Lori Hadorn-Disselkamp