Today I'm happy to help spread the word about one of my favorite new spiritual tools, Saint of the Day from St. Anthony Messenger Press.  I received a promotional version of this app, which retails for $2.99 in the iTunes app store and have been happily reviewing its features for the past week.  I will say that $2.99 is higher than I typically pay for apps, but since this particular app has all but taken the place of my favorite "Lives of the Saints" book, I feel the price is a good value for the resources the app provides.

Many of you might be familiar with Saint of the Day, which has been a popular feature on Catholic Radio and at the website for the past several years.  Now with your smartphone, you can tap into even more information about the saints.  The app has the following features:

  • Audio option included - I have been listening to the daily saints in the car during my morning commute with Adam
  • Saints for every day of the year - learn about someone new every day!
  • Extensive searchable database (by saint or cause), List of patron saints - How many times have you wondered who the patron saint for a particular cause might be?  Now that information is readily searchable from your phone
  • Interactive calendar - Looking for a saint six months from now?  You'll find him with the calendar feature
  • Convenient access to the St. Anthony Messenger Press site - The website features a host of other tools that will help you deepen your spiritual life.  The app also allows you to easily interact with the SAMP social networking tools.

Here's a screenshot of the app in action:

In this video, you can watch an overview of the app in action:

Your purchase of Saint of the Day from St. Anthony Messenger Press through the iTunes store will help support in our mission to support families around the world.  I have great enjoyed Saint of the Day and hope you'll consider making it one of your favorite Catholic iPhone apps.

Download Saint of the Day from St. Anthony Messenger Press and support with your purchase.