I'm always happy to discover great Catholic apps for my iPhone and iPad, so I was thrilled when I was offered the opportunity to review the iPieta App (Catholic Teaching, Calendar, and Prayer).  It has far exceeded my expectations and has honestly become one of my daily "go to" apps for both personal devotions and research for my newest book.  The description for this app is far too long to include here, but the main features of this robust product include versions of the Bible, catechisms, calendars with daily readings, encyclicals, council documents, saint information and many audio features.  You can find a complete description of the content here and screenshots of the app in action here.  There is a Spanish version of iPieta, and the iPad version is actually an real iPad version, not just a blown up iPhone version.

I'm still discovering all of the great resources contained within the iPieta app, but at the price of $2.99 I would say it's a terrific resource for anyone looking for a quick and easy devotional tool and a resource for research.  I will say that I'd love to see an NAB version of the Bible, but that's the only limitation I've seen for iPieta.

Here are a few screenshots of this great tool in action: