This week, as we anticipate the celebration of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, my good friend and contributor Ginny Moyer is offering you a chance to win a copy of her lovely book Mary and Me: Catholic Women Reflect on the Mother of God.  To enter to win, simply head over to Ginny's blog and leave a comment.  While you're there, take some time to enjoy her great writing too!

Here's a brief description of Ginny's book:

How does Mary, the Mother of God, speak to the modern female experience? Does she comfort, challenge or inspire?

Ginny Moyer wanted to know how women today would answer those questions, so she invited women of all ages, some cradle Catholics and some converts, some lay and some religious, to share their thoughts on Mary. In the process of collecting women's stories, Moyer learned that the answers to these questions are as diverse as the women themselves.

In Mary and Me you will discover:

* An eating disorder activist who describes how Mary helped her overcome her struggles with anorexia.
* An attorney who reveals how a trip to the Holy Land inspired her to see Mary not as a passive figure but as a tough and resilient woman.
* A religious sister who shares how the Visitation inspires her work with recovering drug addicts and prostitutes.
* A music teacher and mother who explains her difficulty in relating to Mary's perfection, but how she still treasures Mary as a personal friend and ally.

Woven with commentary and Scripture references, Mary and Me offers a fresh, compelling look at the depth and breadth of Mary's influence on women today.

Good luck and Happy (early) Birthday Mary!