Our friend Josh from Ohio has come up with a very creative way to help share our joy for our faith.  He's seeking our support for a project called "One Voice, One Church".  Please take a few minutes to watch this video and to help spread the word about the campaign to your friends and contacts.  And then, please prayerfully consider a small donation.  For the price of a fancy cup of coffee, you can be part of something very special and unique.  Thanks to Josh and all of those who are looking "outside the box" for a way to share the gospel message!

Josh writes:

In the heart of "1000 Journals" I’d like to send out 5 blank journals into the Catholic community. The holder of the journal has the special opportunity to share their faith with other Catholics in words, art, or whatever other way the spirit moves them. When the holder of the journal has created an entry page, he now has the obligation of passing it onto another faithful person, with the hopes that the journals will one day be completed and returned to me. When I have received a completed journal, I will share the journal pages, in both picture and video form, online so that others can enjoy. I have titled the project "One Voice, One Church."

With the funds, I plan to purchase five really nice journals and items to make them unique and set them apart from just any ordinary journal. Each journal will have specific guidelines and directions on how the current holder can keep the community updated on the specific journal’s whereabouts. Also, some of the funds may go toward the shipping of the journals to different parts of the World (Japan, Canada, and opposite sides of the United States). Be assured that if we go above and beyond the goal of $125, that the extra funds will go towards better journals or perhaps we could up the number of journals that we send out. But, if we do not reach the goal, then the project fails and we all go back to our boring lives ; )


Ultimately, I hope that people have fun with this project and that we will be inspired by one another, and by the gifts that God has given us!