Today, I'm happy to share with you a chance to get something totally great, free of charge!  The great thing in question is the "microbook" Choosing the Right Urinal by Kyle Heimann.  You might think that Kyle chose this title simply to insure that we Catholic moms would be so grossed out that we wouldn't dare look at this book, or that the dads out there would think the title so cool that they couldn't help but download their free copy.

Regardless of his motivation in naming his book, Kyle has hit a home run with this one.  The book is aimed at men, but anyone who takes time to enjoy it will find inspiration and encouragement, as well as a few great laughs.  You may know Kyle from his Popple fame - but his writing is as great as his music.  Along with the book, Kyle has made available a study guide to help men's groups or simply informal gangs of buddies gather together and reflect on the book's lessons.

So head over here to download the book or buy a single or multiple hard copies.  Why not surprise the man in your life by leaving it on his pillow tonight?  Thanks Kyle, for being a constant source of smiles and inspiration!