For years, I have recommended the terrific website Goal Setting for Students by John Bishop.  John recently informed me about a new ebook he's offering through the site. I've had a chance to download and read a review copy of the book and would definitely recommend it for anyone looking for a little motivation in their lives. Here are the details:

Life is an ever-changing journey.

Our goal for the GREAT ADVICE – No Lectures™ book is to make your journey a little easier, a little less fearful, and a lot more interesting.

We asked over 100,000 people on question:

What is the BEST ADVICE you ever received?

This ebook is a collection of 500+ two – three sentence responses to this compelling question plus much, much more.

The GREAT ADVICE – No Lectures Book Includes:

· Answers to the question: What is the BEST ADVICE you ever received?
· License plates reminders
· Advice from other cultures (Native American, Chinese, Indian, etc.)
· You Are Not Alone
· Discussion topics: Short 250 – 300 word life skills essays
· Quotes to Discussion
· Questions to Ponder

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