Editor's Note: Today, we welcome new contributor Tanya Weitzel to our CatholicMom.com family.  Tanya blogs at www.CatholicSimplicities.com where she shares her lovely poetry and reflections.  I'm so happy to be sharing her writing here for you to enjoy!  Lisa

Most of the time, I feel blessed to be a stay-at-home mom.  I have the main privelege of taking care of my son.  My husband works full-time and drives an hour and a half away in order to financially support us.  But I am the comforter, teacher, and the world to my son at this stage.  It is refreshing and inspiring to see the world through a toddler's eyes.  Everything is fun and new, and the littlest things make him happy.  He giggles when he bounces in his Winnie the Pooh chair and runs away when it's time to change his diaper.  His innocence is beautiful, just as God made him.  God sees each person as a parent sees their child, because he is our heavenly father.

God wants to take care of us and be there for us always.  He is watching and waiting for us to come to him when we fall, hurt ourselves, or scrape our knees.  As a loving father he will try and help us when obstacles in life come our way.  If we run to him, his arms will be open to greet us.  Just as a child looks to his parents for love and guidance, we can look to God for the same comforts.

A child unconditionally loves and trusts his parents, and it is wonderful to witness this unending display of affection.  It is a joy to see this same feeling of a person towards God.  If we come to him as a child would, we can learn how to be more like him.  He gave us Jesus as an example to follow.  God is not unreachable but much closer than we realize.  We need not fear him for he is tender in his discipline and always Love.

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