My house is currently full of bugs.


Well, ok, maybe not as full as my favorite little mister would like, but so far this summer, we have had an owl-eyed moth, monarch caterpillars, praying mantises, ants, and we have also raised tadpoles.

I truly love my son's obsession and during the year of the cicada, I called him my "bug rescuer".

This year in first grade, his teacher even gave him the official job of "bug catcher", as he will gasp if he sees anyone trying to "kill nature"... and instead, he gently picks them up & escorts them outside.

Anyways, raising butterflies is one of my favorite summer activities.

To watch the caterpillar grow so large, then spin itself closed, then magically appear as a whole new creature is truly a miracle which we get to observe in the process.

So, this photo inspired me to create the art, below.

I for one have at least 5 HUGE miracles I am believing in God for. They are huge to me & if they happen (or shall I say when) I will be rejoicing in His awesome power.

Some things about miracles:

1. You have to believe

2. You have to make effort to see them & recognize them

3. They are happening all around you, daily.

Tender life itself is a miracle to appreciate daily.

The wonder of nature ... a rainbow, the tide, the sunset, flowers blooming from tiny seeds... they are all miracles all around us.

So, today keep an eye out for miracles in your own life and in the lives of your children.

Take them in and enjoy them.

Then, give God the glory!

grace & peace,

Julie Chen

Copyright 2010 Julie Chen