I use to play school as a child and very much wanted to be the teacher when I grew up.  My friends would act as my students, or I would enlist my stuffed animals if I was alone. My chalkboard would fill up with math equations and spelling words as I called on my pupils.  But now that I have a live student, my son Linus, it is not as easy.  I have to think about what I say or do and how I act around him.  He is a sponge soaking up everything.  The environment I surround him with can be good or bad.  By organizing and sorting out the unnecessary material items in our home, I hope I can bring more order to our life.

If our home has more order, Linus will feel more secure and less scattered.  The more organized the home is, the easier finding things will be, along with simplifying daily living.  I will feel more relaxed and be able to react to his actions with less rigidness.  One's wellbeing is an important lesson to teach.  Organization can help ease the tension of clutter and cause less stress.  Less stress means feeling better overall.

My wellbeing is another reason I need time to myself for writing.  Linus has to see that I have needs too, and he has to respect my time.  I feel like a better person when I set aside me-time.  I am more relaxed and better equiped for life.  My wife and motherly duties are less stressful because I already had time for me.  Making myself a priority sometimes feels selfish, but in the end, I can take better care of those I love because of it.

Copyright 2010 Tanya Weitzel