Ceili Rain is looking for your support for the upcoming CD, "Manuka Honey".

According to Bob Halligan, Jr, "I know it’s a quirky name, but that’s me and this project is filled with songs about radical and healing love. There are more love songs, and songs to make you love. There are more hot button issues, and buttons that shouldn’t be issues at all. It’s a different Ceili than you’ve ever heard before! We’re taking a new approach, however, to getting this one out there once it is complete. Of course we’ll have a "suggested" price (for those who can), but for those with no dough, who need this CD, we’re going to send it to them for whatever they can give us. This gives new life to your role as a sponsor. No preset donation limits this time. Donate via Paypal for ease and convenience. Give little change or big change but most importantly… BE the change and be hip to the love.

We’ll set up a webpage (as we did for CR6) so you can follow our progress and every contributor will be recognized for their "love" offering. Every donor will have an opp to pre-purchase advance copies for a "significant" discounted price off the suggested for a limited time (probably just after the New Year). We expect the CD to release mid February 2011. Shorter timeframe, so we gotta act now."

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