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Can You Hear the Bells?

I was so nervous during Mass the first time my boys took their turn as altar servers.  I thought they’d forget something, or worse yet, drop something.  We’ve had a few "moments" since their premier over five years ago, including bumping into a mic and "yikes" dropping the lid of the ciborum, (which Father placed on the wrong vessel.)  I always tell them that my favorite part of their serving is when they get to ring the bells to announce that "Jesus is here!"  I remember pointing this out to them when they were wiggly toddlers, "Listen. Do you hear the bells?  That means that Jesus is here."

If only I could have those bells ring out during my busy day, because "Jesus is here," too. He is here in the faces of my children.  He is here in my phone conversation with my friend.  He is here in the cashier in the grocery store check-out line.  And yes, he is here in my dishes.

As part of my Smart Martha Ministry, I encourage women to look for Jesus in the midst of their busy lives.  And no, I am not even close to doing this all of the time myself.  I, too often, am like Martha who finds herself "busy and anxious" with my everyday duties.  But I want to live my life more like Mary and try to help others by sharing my struggles and successes.

Bells would come in handy in my struggle of finding Jesus throughout my day.  I’m in the midst of paying bills and answering emails and an excited ten year old is trying to show me a picture. (Ring!) I look the ten year old in the eyes and ask about his artwork.  Or, I’m vacuuming the living room floor wondering how all those leaves got in here (Ring!) I remember to say a prayer for my husband in a tough situation at work while continuing to clean. Or, I’m waiting in the dentist office for my child about to pick up a magazine. (Ring!) I am drawn to listen to a worried mom in the waiting room tell me about her troubled teen instead. Or, I have to get back to paying bills and balancing the budget (Ring!) I offer the work to God and ask for His wisdom and perseverance in this task and then, I get right to it.

Unfortunately we don’t have bells to remind us.  We have to rely on grace.  With God’s grace we will have those ringing bell moments, moments when we will seek Jesus.  And how do we get this grace?  We beg and pray and frequent the sacraments.  And what joy it is to live life knowing that "Jesus is here!"

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