I simply love Making Music Praying Twice, the amazing apostolate of my great friends John and Kate Daneluk.  Kate wrote recently to share the following press release, which provides a wonderful offer for families looking to make music and prayer a part of your life.  I highly recommend a visit to the Making Music Praying Twice website and hope you enjoy the video below too.  Here's Kate's news:

Music is an amazingly powerful spiritual tool and gift from God.  Making Music Praying Twice focuses on quality early childhood music education for very young children without losing sight of this.  For a fraction of the cost of taking secular classes, parents can use the Family Edition in their home throughout the babyhood, toddlerhood, and early school years of their children.  CDs, songbooks, and a comprehensive instruction manual help parents of all educational and musical backgrounds move forward with faith-inclusive music education.

When it came time for a second printing, Making Music Praying Twice made a major improvement in the materials.  All the children's songbooks and the manual are now in full-color, making them more engaging to our young children.  Also, the 273-page manual is sturdier with more durable spiral binding.  The earlier editions were in black and white print for cost purposes, so increased cost in going to color was a concern. However, the cost of the Family Edition remains under $100, with only a few dollars difference to the customer.

Until January, the new edition is available for pre-order only.  Because of this, they are offering a discount for all pre-orders.  Making Music Praying Twice also offers free holiday shipping on US orders.  If you Facebook, become a fan of Making Music Praying Twice to get an additional discount code!  The total of these discounts brings this total cost to $86.40 including shipping!  These offers expire with the new year.  (There is a free Christmas IOU option for holiday shoppers.) Visit Making Music Praying Twice for more information.