Justin Combs and Paul Davis got together to share their faith and their musical talents and formed the band "Jacob's Well Experience" that hails from Max Klinger territory, Toledo, Ohio. Their self-titled EP is a 3-song project that is designed to get their music heard, and to help in raising funds to eventually record a full-lengnth CD.

There are three songs on this EP: Fight Song, Forgiven, and Praise to the King.

Fight Song is an uptempo song, my favorite, and it's a rallying cry to fight for the Kingdom of God. Forgiven is a great mid-tempo song that deals with, as the song title suggests, forgiveness. "Praise to the King" is a slower-tempo song that is a praise song to God.

This is definitely a good debut project, and I'm looking forward to hearing more from this band.

Copyright 2010 Jim Logue