My daughter, seven years old, nicknamed Serious, brought me her latest creation in preparation for Christmas.  It was something she fashioned out of a Kleenex box, toilet paper rolls, construction paper, some Kings and of course lots of tape.

She described each detail, the halo on Jesus' head, the star in the sky, Joseph with his staff, as well as the kings set off into the distance as they were making their way.

She then turned my attention to Our Lady.  She said, "Mom, do you see the little tears I made for her?"
I answered, "Yes, why is she crying?"

Serious, as always, had thought through her creative process, and answered me, "Well, you know, she's happy, but sad.  Only a little sad, Mom, so I only gave her one tear for each eye.  She kinda knows what might happen one day, right?  She kinda knows in her heart, so she's happy-sad."

I hugged her and agreed.  "Yes, honey.  You might be right on that.  Thanks for reminding me."

How children tend to bring to life the real meanings of each and every holiday!  Thank you, my little girl, thank you for the gift of your insightful innocence this Christmas.  I will never look at a manger scene again without feeling the same as Our Lady, that feeling of ‘happy-sad’.

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