The feet of a saint are worn, leathered and aged with service. The ground they walked upon can be counted as sacred for they lived lives in honor of God. However, if you were to take a look at the history of many different saints you will find that some of their lives were filled with sin before they found their calling and started their service to the Lord.

Is there anyone who aspires to be a saint anymore? Is there anyone who walks the walk and talks the talk and has sincere holiness within their heart?

An older friend of mine told of the days when she was a child and teachers spoke of being a saint when they grew up. The teachers didn’t ask what career one would search out but only if one wanted to be a saint.  How often do we hear that phrase in our everyday life? Unless someone is being sarcastic we rarely hear “Are you trying to be a saint?”

A saint is defined by The American Heritage Dictionary as a person considered holy and worthy of public veneration, esp. one who has been canonized. I know no one who publicly has said they are aspiring to sainthood. However, we have a few modern day examples Mother Theresa who kissed the lepers clean and Thomas Merton who literally saw the light of God in the souls of strangers’ right here in the United States.

To say one wants to be a saint sounds foreign, but do we want to be closer to God? Do we want to find our purpose in this life? Are we searching for the reason God breathed life into our beings? Are we on an inward quest to find those answers? If we find the answers will we accept the challenge from God to fulfill His purpose for us in this lifetime? That’s all the saints were doing. They searched for purpose and when they found it they pursued the challenge and lived their lives according to God’s will instead of their own. They let God guide their feet to the service of others on the path that He sought out for them. They were only human just as you and I are human but they said “Yes, God let it be done to me” and they did it.

Are you searching, actively listening to God, and trying to find His path in your life? If you find His voice calling you will you listen or will you just walk away? Will you let God’s voice lead your feet to be worn, leathered and aged by service to His plans for you? Do you aspire to be a Saint and say Yes to God?

Copyright 2010 Lori Hadorn-Disselkamp