I can't believe she's gone.
She was an inspiration,
a model of sainthood,
what I would like to be.

She concerned herself with others,
sincere in all her efforts
with beauty and grace
that lit up any room.

A friendship and love
beyond all others.
Yet now he is alone.
A marriage to want,
a partnership to reach for,
and now nothing but memories.

I knew her all my life;
she was like an aunt to me.
Always asking how things were
and listening with real love.

I wish I could have known her better,
but what I knew I loved.
Her sweet disposition,
her love of gatherings
and raspberry tea.

She always cared.
I miss her deeply.
Her last letters show high spirits
and deep emotion.
I will cherish them
and every memory I have of her.

A woman unlike any other.
She embraced life
and opened her heart to all.
I am glad to have known her.
Someday I hope to be a little like her.
A woman becoming.

Copyright 2011 Tanya Weitzel