There’s tremendous beauty in the Catholic Faith. Mother Church, in Her infinite wisdom does guide, protect, and keep us as we journey toward our heavenly home.

Sadly, so many of Her Teachings have been watered-down, abused, twisted, and rejected, that the once joyful congregation of peoples has become sullen, depressed, confused, angry, and; at worst, lukewarm.

The media has had a hay day and has taken every opportunity they can find to smear the Church, to degrade our priests, to mock our faithful, and to mislead the public.

True, there have been atrocities and grave sins committed within the Church; both by the laeity and the clergy. Also true, many of these instances have brought about great scandal and desecration of that which is supposed to be holy and sacred.

However, the enemy would like very much if we would all hang our heads in defeat and quietly slink off into a hopeless oblivion. He wants us to despair, to lose hope, to lose faith.

Though we have been shaken, we needn’t sink into a lonely abyss. We needn’t be embarrassed by our Faith. We needn’t turn our heads. We needn’t keep silent. We needn’t walk in misery.

It was Our Lord, Himself, who reminded us that “the gates of hell shall not prevail against it, even unto the end of time”; and, therein lies our hope! Our joy! Our trust! Our Truth!

Let Catholics everywhere rise up and celebrate our Faith, anew!

Let us restore the beautiful customs and traditions in our own homes with family by our side.
Let us frequent the Sacraments; given to us as gifts of supernatural grace to strengthen us along the way.
Let us drink in the wonder and beauty of the miracle we see at each Mass!
Let us bask in the peaceful loveliness of our Churches; the windows, the statues, the artwork, the candles, the quiet Presence!

We have so much to be grateful for in being Catholic. We have so many reasons to be joyful. We have been given the fullness of God’s Truth on earth and in eternity.

When me meet those who do not understand our ways, let us greet them with patience and charity.
When we meet those who have fallen away, let us pray for their return .
When we meet those who are searching, let us welcome them with open arms and do our best to lead them home.
And, when we meet those who scorn, who spit, who persecute, who deny,  who make fun and who hate, let us not meet a sword with a sword but rather, let us extend the mercy and friendship of Christ, our Savior and Master.

Most of all, let us keep our joy! Let us rejoice in the Faith and share it with others. Let us live it as part of our daily lives and not keep it compartmentalized to weekly attendance at Mass.

Jesus Christ laid the foundation and cornerstone of our Church.
Therefore, let us live as His joyful followers!
Give thanks for your Faith.
Smile, if you’re Catholic!

Copyright 2011 Judy Dudich